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A former gymnastic Instructor from Paris, Fabrice is a certified RYT-500 from Yoga Sutra and The Yoga school New York..

In both his practice and his classes, he carefully integrates breath and movement, generating a deeper, more sustainable opening in the body and a calm state of mind.

His students practice slow dynamic breath-based movement sequences, which help them warm up thoroughly, creating flexibility and strength. Thus bringing students to a point where the function of each posture and its many benefits can be fully accessed.


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Free Mats No Rental

Drop in $18\ $20 Class     

10 Classes Card $150

Unlimited Month $ 175

Only good for regular schedule classes do not include work-shops or special Events/Presentations.


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    • Jersey City, NJ
    • 2/19/2014

    I have dabbled with yoga for about 8 years, committing more seriously in the last year or so.  I found Fabrice and Greenpoint yoga last May and what a gift!  In the first 3 or 4 classes with Fabrice, I learned than I had in all the previous years.  Fabrice knows yoga and yet makes even a beginner feel comfortable and capable without any intimidation.  He is terrific.  I now live in Jersey City, but still travel to Greenpoint to practice with him.  No matter what level of yogi you are, beginner or advanced, take yoga at Greenpoint yoga and your practice will be enriched.  Namaste!

    • Brooklyn, NY
    • 2/18/201

    Greenpoint yoga takes a holistic approach to the practice. It isn’t about a workout. It’s about thoughtful mindful yoga and Fabrice takes the time to make sure you’re doing each pose correctly. For instance I had no idea I was doing warrior 2 incorrectly all these years until going to greenpoint yoga. If you want to learn how to do yoga the right way and thoughtfully this is the studio for you. Also the classes are never enormous which allows for more personalized attention. I highly recommend Greenpoint yoga especially if you are really looking to learn the practice correctly and find relaxation and calm through yoga! I always leave feeling amazing!

    • Brooklyn, NY
    • 9/10/201

Greenpoint Yoga is a pleasure. As a beginner, the basic classes are extremely helpful for gaining an understanding of the basic poses. I wasn’t very well conditioned  when I started but Fabrice is very good at identifying your strengths and weaknesses and helping you along in your practice.

Mats, blocks and blankets are available. The classes aren’t overfull, which means that the instructor is able to go around the class during the poses and make corrections to your form.
The practice opens and closes with a meditative perspective on our breath, body, and experience. I always leave feeling renewed.
Highly recommended!

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 9/21/2013

A hidden gem. Never have I been to a yoga studio where I’ve been given the same amount of personal attention and encouragement. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to really learn yoga and improve your practice.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 7/15/2013

I’ve been attending Greenpoint Yoga for the past year, and out of all the Greenpoint yoga studios – Usha Veda, Good Yoga, Hosh and Yoga for the People – I’ve found that this one is the best for the serious yoga practitioner.  It’s a basic, no-frills studio in the ground floor of a house, but Fabrice Carrier is an excellent teacher.  My background is in Jivamukti Yoga, so I’m used to a more fast-paced Vinyasa style – while Greenpoint Yoga is a little more on the slow side, no other teacher has helped me so much with my alignment and continually pushes me to do harder poses.  Fabrice is very attentive and teaches a very hands-on style which I find to be rare in yoga classes these days. Personally, I don’t see the point of attending a class unless the teacher gives you individual attention rather than just recite moves.  I usually attend in the morning when there are only a couple of people in attendance. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a private lesson, although now that I’m writing this review I’m hoping it will bring more business for Fabrice, lest I be selfish.

Photo of Lindsay C. David L.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 6/14/2013

I am 70 years old and am very pleased to have found Greenpoint Yoga so close to my home.  Fabrice, from Paris, is the teacher who was formerly a gymnast. This fact is extremely beneficial to all the students because he has been trained from a very young age in France in how not to injury the body. I felt this from the very beginning, which has been a great help for me to get back in shape through Yoga. Fabrice is a caring teacher with a good sense of humor. I have recently begun to take his private class since I do need some extra attention. His prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend taking his classes.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 3/28/2013

This is my first experience with yoga having been skeptical and unsure of it my whole life.  I was nervous since I’ve never tried it, but Fabrice is super nice and encouraging.  As a runner I was looking for something to balance out my workouts, but what I have found is so much more. The physical workouts are no joke but somehow I leave feeling relaxed and peaceful.  I finally get what everyone has been talking about. I feel lucky to have found such a special place with such a wonderful instructor and I go every chance I get.  The people who come here are also really nice!  (also it’s not expensive, mats are free, etc etc… just go here, it’s awesome.)

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 3/13/2013

This is the best yoga studio I have been to in a while. Fabrice is attentive and aware of your capabilty and pushes me to trust myself even more.  A true teacher.

Photo of Jennalise V. Jennalise V.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 3/6/2013

Best yoga studio in Greenpoint. Fabrice is an excellent teacher and pays very close attention to detail & form. I highly recommend it!

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 2/27/2013

I can’t say enough good things about Greenpoint Yoga! It has become my reprieve from New York. Fabrice is the main instructor, and he’s the best Yoga Instructor I’ve ever had – he’s funny, light hearted, and kind, but serious about Yoga, and serious about your experience. Fabrice always seems to intuit exactly what I need from a class, even if I don’t know what I need. He picks up on the little things and tailors the class to perfection – a more fast pace, hard workout of a class, or a more relaxing stretching class, and will incorporate specific poses if you’re hurting in a certain area that day.

The classes are generally small (5 or less people), which is great and lets the instructor give a lot of one on one focus during the class. None of the instructors are just going through the motions of a generic class – they walk around the room and give specific corrections during the poses for each person, and adapt each class as you’re working.

The mats and blocks and blankets are all provided with the class, no mat rental. There are classes throughout the day so it fits with any schedule. It’s right around the corner from the subway and the Garden grocery store. And its affordable.

The space is warm and cozy through the winter, always smells delightful, music playing in the background, and the instant I walk in, I start to feel calmer. I lived in NY for 3 years before coming here, and Greenpoint Yoga filled a void I didn’t realize I had. It’s been so restorative, I’m such a happier person! I started out coming a couple mornings a week, and now I come 5 days a week. In the summer if everyone feels like being outside, the class can be in the courtyard outside the studio, which is private from the street. When you come the first week, it’s $25 for unlimited classes for the week, and I recommend taking advantage of it – you’re going to want to come back for more.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 12/17/2012

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Greenpoint Yoga. It is truly a gem studio. I started coming here in October and have been a steady member since. The classes are extremely small (5 and under) which means you get lots of attention and really improve your form. The classes are dynamic, challenging and rewarding.  Fabrice, the owner and instructor, is committed to improving your practice and catering the class to the students needs and interests.  Brittany is also a wonderful teacher at the studio- always playing awesome music and switching the flow from class to class. I HIGHLY recommend trying the studio out to anyone in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area. Take advantage of their one week unlimited class trail for $25. This studio continues to improve my well being and I am so grateful to have found it!

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 11/25/2012

Very relaxed, unpretentious and personal –  Yogi Fabrice focuses on form and basics, making it perfect for new enthusiasts, and will make it more challenging and fun as you progress.

Photo of Megan A. Megan A.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 9/21/2012

Such a great place to work on your practice! Small intimate classes call for serious concentration on each breath and every movement. Its not a place you are rushed into or out of. I found it hard to find a place where I could get attention from my teacher, be able to ask questions, give personal requests, and have fun! Greenpoint yoga is all that and more.

You start where you are, how you are.
Fabrice is an extraordinary teacher and his French accent makes it all that much more unique. I highly suggest you try it for yourself!

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 9/18/2012

Fabrice is awesome. Very technical and not afraid to correct you and keep working to improve your form. After just three classes, I feel I’ve really ironed out a lot of bad habits. Rather than just talking you through the pose, which he does, he’ll point out minor ways you could optimize them.

This place is in its first year and is an undiscovered gem. Because of this, the classes are very small so you get A LOT of individual attention. Well worth a look, especially considering the price and class size.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been taking classes as a beginner at Greenpoint Yoga all summer and have really enjoyed my experience.  I have definitely seen my practice improve over time.  Classes are generally small so you receive a lot of personalized attention and all of the teachers are great at tailoring classes for different skill levels.  I really like the laid back, pressure free environment of the studio- you do not have to be a professional Yogi to attend classes here- all levels are welcomed.

Photo of Charlotte B.Charlotte B.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 7/6/2012

Greenpoint Yoga is a really special place, and you feel that as soon as you enter into the lovely garden area. Fortunately, during my tour de studios in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area I stumbled upon it and now I’m a regular. In a city like New York, where it’s easy to feel like just another body in the crowd, the attention and patience I get here is exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even know it! I have been practicing for many years, and had really begun to deepen my practice within the last 3. After practicing with Fabrice for just two weeks I realized how much of my practice I had been overlooking or ignoring, and how much better I felt. No more lower back pain, my shoulders were actually opening, and I could feel a difference in my core strength. Greenpoint Yoga has really steered my practice in the right direction. Thank you! Namastay.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I have been practicing yoga on and off for years, but this studio is what really made a devoted yogi out of me. I have been going a few times a week since it opened 6 months ago. It is by far the best yoga studio I’ve ever been to and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Unlike other yoga studios where you have no idea if you’re doing a pose right, Fabrice will take a moment for each pose and point out finer things, like “Make sure you’re feet are parallel in mountain pose,” and “When you take a vinyassa, keep your elbows close to your ribs.” It’s a class where you actually learn how to do yoga. Shocking. It’s also inexpensive, clean, and casual, with free mat rental and the option to do yoga in the garden if everyone’s agreeable to it.

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 6/18/2012
I started attending Greenpoint Yoga on June 1st after deciding to recommit to my practice, so it has only been just a little over 2 weeks, but I am a huge fan of this studio. In my 2 years of “practicing yoga” I realized I had really merely only been doing something similar to gymnastics. Fabrice is a terrific teacher who takes the time to help you perfect your form and puts a strong focus on the breathing as well. He tailors the classes to your skill level and easily balances students at different levels giving them variations. The inside space is simple and clean, mats are free and he also gives you the option of practicing outside in the garden. Classes are affordable and I have learned so much. I’m extremely happy that I found this gem.
  • Brooklyn, NY

Four reasons to go (& for five stars)
* Lovely studio space with a large garden
* Flexible class schedule in the mornings and evenings + weekends
* Intimate classes (don’t go here if crowd surfing if your motive)
* Fabrice’s patient & tailored teaching based on your flexibility and skill level.

Having not done yoga for a long time, Greenpoint Yoga made me want to pick it up again. So sign up for the $25 “all you can eat” intro week and check it out.

  • Brooklyn, NY

This is a great yoga spot.  I’ve been here a few different times now.  Usually the classes are small, which can be beneficial to individualized instruction, if you like that.  The classes I took are a mix of Vinyasa, Hatha and Iyengar.  Honestly, if you are into the yoga-pilates thing, the classes I took are not for you, though I’m not sure about their other classes.  But, if you like a focused, well taught, deep, intense and spiritual practice then this is the place for you, especially on Monday nights.  The atmosphere is intimate, with minimal outside noise disturbances.  It’s close to the G train, which works for me.  All in all, after 6+ years of yoga, I think this is one of the better studios I’ve been too.

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  1. Beautiful space, gentle but precise instruction, amazing value. A place for growth and community. Had a wonderful first basics class and cannot wait to go back!

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Welcome to Greenpoint Yoga.


Greenpoint Yoga

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